The Spotlight Series - Don’t just survive, thrive!

"The Spotlight Series - Don't just survive, thrive" Highlights of 2021

December 07, 2021 Season 27 Episode 27
The Spotlight Series - Don’t just survive, thrive!
"The Spotlight Series - Don't just survive, thrive" Highlights of 2021
Show Notes

That’s a wrap for Season 3 of “The Spotlight Series – Don’t Just Survive, Thrive” podcast for 2021.  Here are podcast mashup highlights from this year talking to startup founders and senior tech leaders.  

Maree Beare, Founder of Wanngi (and more recently Clinials) talking about disrupting health tech and her purpose behind Wanngi (0:33- 2:58)

Tony Ryan, Education Futurist, talking about the future of work and if there is a 50% chance that we live in a computer simulation (3:02-5:12)

Stewart Marshall discussing how SaaS companies can scale and grow (5:15- 7:15)

🦜 Jeff Jaraved and Taryn Syratt, Founders of CAAsie, talking about how they are revolutionising billboard advertising and their purpose behind CAASie (7:18- 10:13)

Rosie Attwell discussing how she went from a degree in Art to a career in AI (10:16- 12:20)

Mike Seidle from Pivot CX providing advice to aspiring entrepreneurs about how to start up, persevere and succeed (12:23- 13:44)

David Davies, Founder of AgUnity, talking how smartphone and blockchain technology helps smallholder farmers lift themselves out of poverty (13:47- 15:26)

Ken Auer, Founder of Role Model Software, talking about the key characteristics of high performers (15:29- 18:36)

Simon Keefe, former Atlassian tech leader, advising how to recruit and retain high performing teams (18:39- 21:18)

Justin Falk, Founder of TalentVine, provides about hiring in a highly competitive market (21:20-24:46)

Adam Amos, Founder of Robotic Systems, telling his story and how his company was ranked in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 (24:49- 26:19)

Madhu Sundararajan & Abhinav Raje talking about their humble beginnings in India to successful IT careers in Australia and tips for migrants (26:22-28:04)

Leanne Kemp ★★★      康灵安, Founder of Everledger, about why she turned down an investment (29:07-30:56)

Vijay Solanki🦄, Founder of Parental EQ, about being an older startup founder and how Parental EQ helps with children’s emotional health (30:59-34:16)

🤖 Yaniv Bernstein Bernstein, former Head of Engineering at Google and Airtasker, talking about the highlights of his career (34:19- 36:58)

Miriam van Heusden, Founder of Maralytics, and how her core values have driven her culture (37:01- 38:56)

Eli Harrell, Founder of, advising how to grow and nurture high performing remote teams (38:59- 42:01)

Evan Cummack, CEO of, providing advice to aspiring entrepreneurs and succeeding in Silicon Valley (42:04-43:55)

Mary Callaghan, Senior Director of Product Management at Hitachi Energy, discussing what the key characteristics of high performing product teams (43:58- 45:13)